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The main beaches of Lefkada island

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Lefkada is the 4th biggest island of the Eptanisa (Seven islands) with 302 km2 extension and 23.000 population. The fact that is connected to the mainland by a long causeway through lagoons and a 25m pontoon iron bridge is the main feature of this island. It barely feels like an island especially on the busier Eastern side. The easy access makes this island the favorite destination for Greeks and Balkans. The capital is a village with the same name, Lefkada (or Lefkas), which is located on the Northern part of the island.

Map of Lefkada - Click to Download Full detailed Map of Lefkada


Most travelers will find themselves in Nidri, the island's biggest resort by far. It's an average resort but has a lovely setting and a reasonable pebble beach offering watersports.


Sivota Around 14km south of Nidri, the fjord-like inlet of Sivota, 2 km down a steep hill from the main road, cuts a deep gash into the coastline. This is one of the most popular stops for yachting flotillas. There's no beach except for a remote cove, but some fine taverns, mostly specializing in fish.

Villas near Lefkada town?


Around 5km west of Sivota but longer by the winding road, Vasiliki, the island's premier watersports resort, lies at the East end of a huge bay, cut off from the rest of the east coast by the barren peninsula of cape Doukato.

Lefkada's satellite islands:

Lefkada has 6 satellite islands clustered off its coast. Meganisi, the largest and most interesting, is accessible by ferry. Kalamos and Kastos, are two green islands, close to the mainland. Scorpios and Sparti are owned by Dmitry Rybolovlev and Madouri of the poet A.Valaoritis.

Ai Giannis:

The beach of Ai Gianiis (Sant John) is one of the closest beaches to the Lefkada Town. It's 3 km away from the center and is one of the top beaches of the island. Large in size with turquoise waters and constant winds. This beach is a meeting place for leading Windsurfing and Kite surfing Championships.


Another beautiful beach with deep blue waters and golden sand.

Porto Katsiki:

This beautiful beach has been awarded as the best beach in Greece. It is located southwest of the island. This magnificent beach can be accessed via 347 steps. The clear crystal waters and the sunset from the beach create a dreaming landscape.


A huge and impressive beach which is located 30km away from the center of Lefkada Town. This long sandy beach is surrounded by impressive cliffs. Approached descending the 250 steps. It's considered one the top in Mediterranean.


Located 14km east of the capital of Lefkada. It's a large beach with turquoise waters and white sand. It's very attractive for young people due to beach bars.


A beach with crystal waters and a rocky breathtaking landscape.


One of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada with clear turquoise waters. Located in a very graphical bay on the left side of Vasiliki. You can take the boat from Vasiliki or follow the path from the southeast side.

Ligia & Nikiana:

Small pebble beaches, close to the villages of Ligia and Nikiana, ideal for families.

Mikros Gialos - Poros:

Mikros Gialos beach is one of the most beautiful on the island of Lefkada. It is located about 25 km south of the capital of the island, near the small village of Poros. The beach is long and sandy and the sea is blue and crystal. On the beach are available deck chairs, umbrellas, bars and taverns..

Agios Nikitas - Pefkoulia:

This beach is located near the fishing village of Agios Nikitas, 10 km from the city of Lefkada. During the summer it can be full, valid for one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches on the island. Although readily available (with parking spaces), the beach is a half wild and untouched nature. Suitable for families with young children.

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